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I was partners with Adam G for this experiment. Here is what we came up with.

User: College Age Male

Need: ISU ID easy to pull out/ access. Have a place for State ID (driver’s license). NO coin purse. Minimum of four slots for cards. Comfortable to sit on. Money divider. Thin. Look slick, but a little rugged.

Meaning: “Adam’s wallet is his life support because it contains everything he needs to survive.”


I designed a wallet that is a BiFold, so that it would not be to big in your pockets. The biFold allows the wallet to be extremely thin and comfortable to sit on. Has one divider in the part that holds the money, so that one side could hold money and the other could hold notes, coupons, etc.



HeatTrak Snow-Melting Stair Mat: I am from a suburb outside of Chicago so I am used to a lot of snow, and it always causes problems on the stairs. The snow always would melt and freeze on the stairs which would make the stairs outside extremely slick, so this is a really great product for environments that are susceptible to snow and Icy weather. This mat would help a great deal in keeping the stairs safe. Link:

Twist & Spout: I really like this idea because I it is a great way to reuse plastic bottles. This product is so simple and yet so useful. You would be able to water your plants, and then also this product is Eco-friendly, and an awesome way to recycle. Link:

Seil Bag: This bag is an awesome way to keep safe and look stylish. The only way to signal while biking normally is to do so with hand signals, which can be dangerous because the rider needs to take there hands off of the bike. This system allows the biker to keep his or her hands on the bike at all times. There is a device on the handle bar that controls the signals displayed on the backpack. The backpack allows the rider to signal either which way they are intending to turn, if they are stopping, and if they are continuing straight.  Link:


Deglon Meeting Knife Set: I think this is a really cool and interesting design. I really like how beautifully the individual knives fit into one another and how they all integrate into the base into one sheet. With this design you are able to easily switch what size and type of knife you want with ease. I just think this is an exquisite design.  Link:

Never Wet: I believe this product is wonderful, because it is so versatile, especially in the day and age of technology. This two part spray allows for any individual to waterproof anything that they please, and this opens up limitless possibilities. For a sneaker-head (like myself) I would use this on every new pair of shoes I purchase in order to ensure a long life time of looking clean. I have seen a demonstration where someone waterproofed there IPhone, and it was amazing! An extremely hard concept to make something waterproof and it is done in a simple easy to use way. Link:

Air Jordan 1

Original Air Jordan 1: I love this shoe because it is both aesthetically pleasing and also serves it’s purpose as being a great basketball shoe. This shoe is the perfect example of a design being both Poetic and Pragmatic. The reason I believe this product to be creative is because this is the shoe that started out the entire basketball shoe industry. Before this shoe, basketball shoes were extremely plain and boring, I believe the rule was that majority of the shoe had to be white. Without this revolutionary design and colorway, there would be no huge basketball shoe industry. Here is a Link to the Jordan/Nike web page:



Faceless Watch

Faceless watch: I find this watch simply fascinating. I have always loved lights and the aspects of having something light up. When you think of a watch you normally imagine either a leather or metal band that is connected with a dial(being the face of the watch), but in this design, they took out the part everyone expects, the face of the watch. They designed the watch to hide the time and made it  look just like the links of a normal watch, but if you press a button on the side, the time revels itself through the links. Here is a link to the watch:


Lamborghini Murcielago

I have never really been a car guy, but there has always been something about the Lamborghini Muricielago that I find to be both a beautiful and creative design. These cars have a wonderful mix of soft and hard lines that allow for the best airflow around the car. Also the car brand Lamborghini was the first to have rear engines and paved the way for high performance cars. (No Link Available)


Nike Mag


The Nike Mags, or Nike Magnetic, were first seen in the Robert Zemeick’s film “Back to the Future: II” They were worn by Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) when he goes to the future, and I have loved these shoes ever since seeing them the first time. The reason I think they are so creative is because they were really the first shoes to have lights on them (still are the only adult shoes that have lights). And also in the movie they had “power-laces” meaning they would lace themselves up and I thought that was such an interesting concept. (No Link Available)


Polar Pen

The modular pen/stylus is such a cool idea. The fact that it has no glue or threads is absolutely amazing. The fact of how easily it can switch between pen and stylus is amazing as well. Then along with this creative idea, there are hundreds of other things that the pen has potential to do. Here is a cool link to see a video about it: