Second Set of 5 Creative Designs

HeatTrak Snow-Melting Stair Mat: I am from a suburb outside of Chicago so I am used to a lot of snow, and it always causes problems on the stairs. The snow always would melt and freeze on the stairs which would make the stairs outside extremely slick, so this is a really great product for environments that are susceptible to snow and Icy weather. This mat would help a great deal in keeping the stairs safe. Link:

Twist & Spout: I really like this idea because I it is a great way to reuse plastic bottles. This product is so simple and yet so useful. You would be able to water your plants, and then also this product is Eco-friendly, and an awesome way to recycle. Link:

Seil Bag: This bag is an awesome way to keep safe and look stylish. The only way to signal while biking normally is to do so with hand signals, which can be dangerous because the rider needs to take there hands off of the bike. This system allows the biker to keep his or her hands on the bike at all times. There is a device on the handle bar that controls the signals displayed on the backpack. The backpack allows the rider to signal either which way they are intending to turn, if they are stopping, and if they are continuing straight.  Link:


Deglon Meeting Knife Set: I think this is a really cool and interesting design. I really like how beautifully the individual knives fit into one another and how they all integrate into the base into one sheet. With this design you are able to easily switch what size and type of knife you want with ease. I just think this is an exquisite design.  Link:

Never Wet: I believe this product is wonderful, because it is so versatile, especially in the day and age of technology. This two part spray allows for any individual to waterproof anything that they please, and this opens up limitless possibilities. For a sneaker-head (like myself) I would use this on every new pair of shoes I purchase in order to ensure a long life time of looking clean. I have seen a demonstration where someone waterproofed there IPhone, and it was amazing! An extremely hard concept to make something waterproof and it is done in a simple easy to use way. Link:


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