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Final Package: Here we have the beer package as it can be utilized in the fridge. With having it on its side, it makes it’s content more readily available to the user. This Triangle design, allows for easy stacking as well, the boxes form modules together, forming larger pyramid shapes.  



Final Package: The beer bottles lay on there sides while the box is in this position, so they are easily accessible in the fridge. The beers will stack in sequence from 1,2,3 (from top to bottom). 



Final Package: Here we have a side view of the finished container. Wen sold, both front and back will be covered. But after purchasing, the user may take the front off because the sides will be perforated and will allow to be torn of with relative ease. (See dual pictures below for reference).


Final Package: Initially the front of the box will be sealed off, so that the beers stay in place and can not be stolen from the package. Then after purchase you can rip of the front which will be perforated around the edges, so you can access the delicious beer inside.  


Final Package: Here we have the final model, with it’s front off, and in the form where it to can be standing up right.



Final Package: Here we have the package on it’s side so that when placed in the fridge still allows for the user to grab a beer with relative ease. The front is just coming off in this photo.


Construction of Final Package


Construction of Final Package


Construction of Final Package



First Prototype: Getting the sense of how the Form would look in its upright form. This is how the package could be shipped and possibly shelved in the stores.

ImageFirst Prototype: Making sure the height of the bottle was fitting for the package’s form.


Concealed Drawers Cutting Board

Concealed Drawers Cutting Table: I find this idea of having compartments designed into the board is a wonderful concept, because the board can easily become cluttered while cutting. The drawers allow for easy access. Link: 


3D Wall Art Nightlight Iron Man Hand: I think this is just a really cute idea for a nightlight. If I was a little kid I would love to have this in my room. Link:


The Swiss Colony Heated Ice Scraper: This ice scraper has a heated edge to help scrape away the ice and snow. This device also has a built in flashlight and squeegee. The cord for heating up the ice scraper is 15 feet, so it can reach both front and back window. The cord can also plug into the car lighter. Link:  


Self Cleaning Shirt: Having a shirt that would stay clean throughout the day would be amazing, because it would guarantee a clean look all day. This technology is possible due to the nanotechnology silica fibers. Water based particles will form a 150 degree sphere and roll off.



Easy Breathing Snorkel Mask

Easy Breathing Snorkel Mask: This new full face snorkel design allows for the air to enter in one way and then exhale it through a different port. This allows for the face mask part to not fog up. This new design gives a 180 degree field of vision. Link:

Squito prototype camera ball, US Patent 8237787

Serveball: This is a really cool concept to have a throwable panoramic camera. This design allows for a beautiful chance to capture a full 360 panoramic shot. I’m very interested to see where this idea goes in the future. Link:


Levitating lamp: I absolutely love this design, it is truly something out of the future. The design utilizes electromagnets to cause the levitation in the lamp shade. Just a really inspiring piece. Link:


Onewheel: This design is a skateboard with one wheel. This onewheel board has a working motor that causes the board to move forward, and backwards when leaning backward. It is remarkably engineered to have regenerative braking. Really a cool idea. Link:


Wheeled Snow Shovel

Wheeled Snow Shovel: I think that this is a very interesting design. This would be very helpful for the elderly or people with injured or weak backs, because it allows the person to not have to bend over as frequently or sometimes at all. I do worry how well the wheel stays upright, or does it slip and slide all around on the ground? Easily collapsible, which is great for storage. Link:

Tagg Pet Tracker: This device is a personal tracker for house pets, mainly used for both dog and cat collars. So if on the off chance your pet is lost, this collar has GPS in it and can alert the owner of the whereabouts of there pet so they can go and recover them safely and efficiently as possible. Link:

Pop Out Outlet: This re-designed outlet is impressive because it doubles the amount of outlets found in the original design. Instead of two plugs, there is now room for 4. Also instead of having plugs on your wall, you can have this sleek looking design on your wall, that can easily be opened and closed to revel the outlet plugs. Link:

Hand Mounted Flashlight: This is a simple yet very effect way to have a light in a tiny spot. This would be a great tool for a mechanic, because he can have some light source that doesn’t occupy one of there hands. Link:

Long Board Brakes: I am and avid long boarder and one of the biggest problems is that there is no safe way to stop. With these brakes on your board, you will be a lot safer. The design and placement of the product is excellent, because it doesn’t effect the rider’s stance, but is also in a spot that allows for easy access. Link:

GPS X-PLORE Ski Glove: This would be a great product for ski and snowboarders around the world. When shredding on a mountain there is always a risk of losing the trail and becoming lost on the mountain. If you were to get lost, you could use these gloves to pinpoint your location, and alert a team to help find your position. Link:

Window Cleaning Robot: I thought this idea was creative because it takes the idea of window washing and puts it into a whole new perspective. This product also takes the risk out of high window cleaning on skyscrapers. Usually people have to go all the way to the top of skyscrapers and risk there lives cleaning the windows, and this robot could go out on the window and take peoples lives out of harms way. Link:

Life-buoy: I really think this is an ingenious way to re-invent the life floats. They made a simple change of designing a hook system that allows for the normal “O” shape to be undone and made into a straight line that allows for more than one person to hold onto the float at the same time. This system makes it so there are less life rings that need to be on a boat as well, so less material is consumed. Link:



Sink: I just absolutely love the design of these sinks. They are both stylish and versatile. You could easily wash fresh fruits and groceries without using as much water as a typical sink would. And during parties it serves as a cooler to hold beverages. Link: 



Stair Hammock: This is not able to be installed into most homes, but in ones that it could, it would be an awesome piece to have. This is an awesome space savers, it opens up a whole new room, a place where you can just literally “hang”. I think it was really creative to take this open space of nothing and find an interesting way to utilize it. Link:


Stair Rover: I have always loved skateboarding and long boarding, and stair have always been a problem for skaters. This new design for the trucks on a long board lets skaters easily traverse stairs with adding an extra set of wheels at each existing wheel base. A difficult problem solved in a simple way. Link: 


Men’s Hair Dryer: As a male with longer hair I really like this design of a hair dryer for guys. It is also done in a very interesting way, in the design of a brush. And this design makes it easier for a male to dry his hair and it drys it in a way that doesn’t just shoot/push the hair back, but instead allows for the hair to lay flat. Link: