Third Set of 5 Creative Designs

Life-buoy: I really think this is an ingenious way to re-invent the life floats. They made a simple change of designing a hook system that allows for the normal “O” shape to be undone and made into a straight line that allows for more than one person to hold onto the float at the same time. This system makes it so there are less life rings that need to be on a boat as well, so less material is consumed. Link:



Sink: I just absolutely love the design of these sinks. They are both stylish and versatile. You could easily wash fresh fruits and groceries without using as much water as a typical sink would. And during parties it serves as a cooler to hold beverages. Link: 



Stair Hammock: This is not able to be installed into most homes, but in ones that it could, it would be an awesome piece to have. This is an awesome space savers, it opens up a whole new room, a place where you can just literally “hang”. I think it was really creative to take this open space of nothing and find an interesting way to utilize it. Link:


Stair Rover: I have always loved skateboarding and long boarding, and stair have always been a problem for skaters. This new design for the trucks on a long board lets skaters easily traverse stairs with adding an extra set of wheels at each existing wheel base. A difficult problem solved in a simple way. Link: 


Men’s Hair Dryer: As a male with longer hair I really like this design of a hair dryer for guys. It is also done in a very interesting way, in the design of a brush. And this design makes it easier for a male to dry his hair and it drys it in a way that doesn’t just shoot/push the hair back, but instead allows for the hair to lay flat. Link:


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