Fourth Set of 5 Creative Designs

Pop Out Outlet: This re-designed outlet is impressive because it doubles the amount of outlets found in the original design. Instead of two plugs, there is now room for 4. Also instead of having plugs on your wall, you can have this sleek looking design on your wall, that can easily be opened and closed to revel the outlet plugs. Link:

Hand Mounted Flashlight: This is a simple yet very effect way to have a light in a tiny spot. This would be a great tool for a mechanic, because he can have some light source that doesn’t occupy one of there hands. Link:

Long Board Brakes: I am and avid long boarder and one of the biggest problems is that there is no safe way to stop. With these brakes on your board, you will be a lot safer. The design and placement of the product is excellent, because it doesn’t effect the rider’s stance, but is also in a spot that allows for easy access. Link:

GPS X-PLORE Ski Glove: This would be a great product for ski and snowboarders around the world. When shredding on a mountain there is always a risk of losing the trail and becoming lost on the mountain. If you were to get lost, you could use these gloves to pinpoint your location, and alert a team to help find your position. Link:

Window Cleaning Robot: I thought this idea was creative because it takes the idea of window washing and puts it into a whole new perspective. This product also takes the risk out of high window cleaning on skyscrapers. Usually people have to go all the way to the top of skyscrapers and risk there lives cleaning the windows, and this robot could go out on the window and take peoples lives out of harms way. Link:


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