Fith Set of Creative Designs

Squito prototype camera ball, US Patent 8237787

Serveball: This is a really cool concept to have a throwable panoramic camera. This design allows for a beautiful chance to capture a full 360 panoramic shot. I’m very interested to see where this idea goes in the future. Link:


Levitating lamp: I absolutely love this design, it is truly something out of the future. The design utilizes electromagnets to cause the levitation in the lamp shade. Just a really inspiring piece. Link:


Onewheel: This design is a skateboard with one wheel. This onewheel board has a working motor that causes the board to move forward, and backwards when leaning backward. It is remarkably engineered to have regenerative braking. Really a cool idea. Link:


Wheeled Snow Shovel

Wheeled Snow Shovel: I think that this is a very interesting design. This would be very helpful for the elderly or people with injured or weak backs, because it allows the person to not have to bend over as frequently or sometimes at all. I do worry how well the wheel stays upright, or does it slip and slide all around on the ground? Easily collapsible, which is great for storage. Link:

Tagg Pet Tracker: This device is a personal tracker for house pets, mainly used for both dog and cat collars. So if on the off chance your pet is lost, this collar has GPS in it and can alert the owner of the whereabouts of there pet so they can go and recover them safely and efficiently as possible. Link:


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