Sixth Set of Creative Designs

Concealed Drawers Cutting Board

Concealed Drawers Cutting Table: I find this idea of having compartments designed into the board is a wonderful concept, because the board can easily become cluttered while cutting. The drawers allow for easy access. Link: 


3D Wall Art Nightlight Iron Man Hand: I think this is just a really cute idea for a nightlight. If I was a little kid I would love to have this in my room. Link:


The Swiss Colony Heated Ice Scraper: This ice scraper has a heated edge to help scrape away the ice and snow. This device also has a built in flashlight and squeegee. The cord for heating up the ice scraper is 15 feet, so it can reach both front and back window. The cord can also plug into the car lighter. Link:  


Self Cleaning Shirt: Having a shirt that would stay clean throughout the day would be amazing, because it would guarantee a clean look all day. This technology is possible due to the nanotechnology silica fibers. Water based particles will form a 150 degree sphere and roll off.



Easy Breathing Snorkel Mask

Easy Breathing Snorkel Mask: This new full face snorkel design allows for the air to enter in one way and then exhale it through a different port. This allows for the face mask part to not fog up. This new design gives a 180 degree field of vision. Link:


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