9 Dot Test

In this exercise, we were given the criteria that we had to connect all the dots with no more than 3 straight lines. This test proves how much we are controlled by putting to many constraint on our selves that are not there.


My first attempt.


Second attempt.


I constrained my self to only using 3 lines, and to not really break away that far from the dots. But those are not restrictions given to me, I had imposed them on myself with out even realizing it.



One of the ways to complete the task is to have really long slanted straight lines that will pass through 3 of the dots at a time and connect to the others because of the angle.


Another way to solve the puzzle is to simply add 2 curved lines to connect the 3 straight lines. The question never says you can’t have curved lines or that you are limited to a certain amount either. 



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