Seventh Set of Creative Designs

Eton Rukas Solar Powered Sound System: I think the way they designed these speakers to be solar powered was absolutely fantastic. Because in my opinion these sort of speakers are typically used outside. I use one when I play basketball outside, and this would be perfect because the sun would constantly be keeping it charged. This would also be great for any outdoor activity, such as BBQ and tailgates for example. Link:


TRTON: This is a small portable respirator that can be carried around easily. This allows a person to easily breathe underwater with it’s new “gill” structure of breathing feature. This “gill” feature extracts oxygen from the water molecules. A beautiful aesthetic quality to it as well. Link:


Luminarc Coca Cola Can Cooler Glass: I am just really drawn to this because of it’s aesthetic qualities. I think having the clear shape of the can with the symbolic wave and script pair excellent together to create a  really cool looking glass. Link:


Goji Play: I found this design to be a very interesting one due to the fact that it also helps encourage becoming fit, but also makes it an enjoyable experience as well. They have create a simple 3 part system, one piece that attaches onto your clothing, and two hand controls. With these 3 components all you have to do is download an app and you can play games that involve the work out you are performing, and it makes the work out experience more blissful.                 Link:


Truck Tracks

Track N Go: These quick attaching tank tire enhancers are set up in a flash, only fifteen minutes. Once they are on, you will easily be able to traverse through extremely rough snow conditions. For people in environments that have a lot of snowfall, these would be perfect. I think the whole community would benefit if these were on snow plow trucks. I believe it would both help in efficiency and also safety of the drivers.  Link:


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