9th Set of Creative Designs

M-Cups Measuring Matyroshkas: I find these really creative, because they take the well known toy version of pieces fitting into one another, and put a useful spin on them. These dolls serve the purpose of being aesthetically pleasing and don’t take up a large amount of room, since they all fit inside one another. The bottoms all hold and measure a certain amount of a substance, all together a cool new twist on the dolls. Link: http://fredandfriends.com/products/view/category/measuring/m-cups-measuring-matyroshkas


Stuck Up Magnet Set

Stuck up: This I found to be creative as they took something that is generally frowned upon, the fact of someone leaving there chewed gum under a desk, and put a more playful spin on it. This product is simply a silly and fun magnet that makes you look twice. Link: http://www.perpetualkid.com/stuck-up-magnet-set.aspx


Wooferang in toys

Woofferang: I have a dog myself and would really love to have one of these. It is generally hard to play tug of war with your dog, if they have a regular bone, but with this design, there is always a handle that you can grab as well. Also when playing catch with a regular bone, it is always slimy, but with this design there is a chance one side will stay dry. Link: http://dog-milk.com/wooferang/



Pick your nose: This design doesn’t alter the cup in anyway, but does make it more personal and funny. This would be a great use for kids, it is an easy way to differ between whose cup is whose. Just a cute design overall. Link: http://www.perpetualkid.com/animal-nose-cups.aspx


Fill’er Up Gas Tank Bank: With fuel cost higher virtually everyday this is a cool way to save up for that next gallon of gas. This design shows how close you are to being able to fill up your gas tank. When the bank ha no money in it, the needle is towards empty, and when you have enough for a tank of gas, it’s full. This is an interesting way to save your change. Link: http://fredandfriends.com/products/view/fill-er-up-gas-tank-bank


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