Creative Thinking Project 2 (Design)

Here is where I really start to hone in on my design of the fountain and also it’s function.

A.) What I did.  B.) The Creative Process

I set up a list of clear goals that I wanted this project to accomplish, and they were:

1.) Use clear acrylic as a main part of the sculpture. 2.) Use LED’s to light up some of the pieces. 3.) Create a design to be etched in and lit by the lights. 4.) Create a main theme for the piece.

I watched this video And became really entranced with this box Idea: 


Here was one of my initial designs. I wanted to loosely base it off of the Double helix found in DNA. I like the thought of each “shelf” flowing into the other, but that has been done a million times before.




I found a leftover wheel from a recent project, and after seeing a syringe once shoot water out, I was inspired to see how well the water would flow out of this hole. I quickly put together an extremely crude model to test this theory. I was enthralled by the results! The water flowed exactly how I had hoped it would, in a straight cylindrical form down. I want to somehow try and incorporate this into my fountain design.


Here I made yet another quick mock up sketch of a fountain design. I found it easier to build small models out of note cards rather than sketching. It was easier to get a sense of the form and space it took up. I designed this fountain to have flat layers, that would have a hole in them, where the water could fall through, like seen in the pictures above. I still am unsure of what designs I want on the three layers.

The main creative processes I used were to Ideate, along with making a clear set of goals. (as stated throughout the explanations).



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