Creative Thinking Project 2 (Design/Materials)

Here I finalize my Design and determine the materials needed.


While trying to design my fountain within my set of parameters, I found myself coming up with all these extra pieces to hide all of the mechanics behind the fountain. So instead I added on more guideline, that being to create a fountain that would “reveal all the mechanics and pieces when unlit, BUT hide everything when lit”. This constraint proved to be the best thing I could have ever put on my self, because with this, I put together the perfect fountain that I wanted. I also figured out a way to incorporate the mister I had seen in research!

My new design is to have the large base that will always show clear water. Then have a square pillar that that houses both the pump and mister. When off you can see these pieces, but when on, the mister will fog up the square pillar, essentially hiding the mechanics inside!

I also decided to have the fountain have a message through color. The 3 base levels, will have the primary colors. One red. One blue. One yellow. When the LEDs are off, you can see the mechanics behind them, but when on, all you can see is the light. Then inside the base, I will have a series of lights that will play through both the primary colors and secondary colors!

I didn’t want to make the assumption that the mechanics behind the fountain needed to be hidden. I instead decided to put them on display. This created what I believe to be a beautiful design. I have worked with light’s, acrylic, and water; but never together. So I will have to take all of these skills and see if i can’t work them together to overcome this challenge.



Here I have another mock up sketch model of the final design. Not to scale.


IMG_1328 IMG_1330

I made a good deal of sketches in order to find the best way to attach the panels, along with he size of the panels. I also worked a large deal on the flow of water. The water will come up from the top and flow into each level panel.

IMG_1332 IMG_1334 IMG_1333

I then went on to create dimension drawings in order to get the size determined for each piece. I made a ton of full model sketches to determined how the mister and pump would fit inside the square base, and to find out how big to make the base. The base for the pillar ended up being 6X6 and the outer rim base was 18X18 inches. (A great deal of time went into making sure every piece was the exact size it needed to be.) After finding all the correct dimensions, I took this knowledge and built the pieces in Illustrator in order for them to get laser cut.


The materials needed: (what I have so far)

-Tile Pump (used to push water to the top of the fountain)

-1/4th in clear tubing

-Blue LED strip

-Yellow LED strip

-Red LED strip

-LED strip connectors

-Red and Black insulated wire

-Heat Shrink Tubing

-Caulk/ Caulk gun

-12 Volt Batteries

-Battery Packs

-Solder/ soldering gun



-Blood, Sweat, and Tears

-Acrylic paint (both black and white)

-Instacure and Instaset


-(possibly more to come)

Here is a cool video of the mister I purchased for the project:

As seen throughout this post you can see I implemented an array of creative techniques. Again I used ideation, and furthered my “clear goals”. The clear goals were a huge benefit, and without them I am unsure if I would have come up with this solution of keeping everything clear. I decided that I shouldn’t try to play it safe, but to balance my skills and create challenges for myself to overcome. Another large achievement in this process was to not make assumption to a problem. In this case I thought I had to design something to hide all the mechanics behind how the fountain worked. But I took this obstacle and worked it into the design of the project. Made the deign of the mechanics to be beautiful as well.





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