Creative Thinking Project 2 (Research and Inspiration)

For my Project I have decided that I would take a shot at trying to both design and build a fountain from scratch. I have worked with water one time, a couple years back, my junior year of high school to be exact. That project taught me a great deal about the properties of water, and some tricks to manipulate it. That being said, working with water is an incredibly difficult medium to both maintain and use. I fear that I may be biting off more than I can chew. But I am both extremely dedicated and enthusiastic enough to  take on this project. I know it will take a long time and a lot of work, but I’m up to the task!

A.) What I did:

In this initial part, I attempted to gather as much possible information as I could to help direct my design of the fountain and to fully understand the pieces needed to create a fountain. I also set some guidelines of what I wanted in my fountain aesthetically. The main parameter being that I use acrylic pieces that can be lit up. I want to have some sort of design in the light up acrylic pieces. Am unsure of what those will be, as of now.

These above images really sparked my interest of what could be done with the lighting of the acrylic and really pointed me in some cool designs of what I could potentially do.

This is a water filter, but they created it with a clear outside base with a clear plastic. Interesting to see how the light and water react. Link to video:

I really love this not traditional technique of a water fountain. After looking at this piece I really want to design something that is different from what is considered to be a “normal” water fountain. I believe I will try to switch the style of how that water flows to achieve this. Link to video:

I am really drawn to this more Box approach to the design of the fountain. I think it is both different and beautiful.

Again I am really inspired by this sort of repetitive square shape. And the sense of growth.

Another inspirational Square fountain design.

Here I found an extremely simple tutorial video of hot to build a fountain, and some materials needed. Link to video:

This video has a wonderfully crafted tabletop fountain, sadly this style was not what I was trying to achieve. I watched a couple of his other video’s though and in one he used a “mister”. It was a really cool little gadget that I would be extremely interested in pursuing more knowledge off. As of yet, I see no need for one in my project, so it may have to be put on the back burner. Link to Video:

B.) The Creative Process:

In these initial stages the types of creative process’s I utilized were small, but very important. I made sure to keep an open mind, and look at every alternatives, and researching lots more than I anticipated, and also going down avenues of thoughts/research that I would not have thought i would have. Some of these avenue examples would be learning all different ways in which to solder, lecture on the viscosity of water, to how some acrylics are made, and many more. In keeping an open minding and accepting just about all sorts of solutions to creating a fountain was an excellent way to gather as much information on the subject as I could.


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