12th Set of Creative Designs


Quicksnap Ice Cube Tray: This is an interesting project to take on. The designer saw the problem of ice cube trays, which was that it was difficult to get a certain amount of cubes out. Originally you had to twist the entire carton to crack the cubes out, but you almost always ended up breaking out half the tray on accident. This allows you to simply pinch the lever and crack out precisely how many cubes you’d like. Link: http://www.chalet.net.au/product/432/quicksnap-ice-cube-trays-joseph-joseph

Fusion Table: These tables serve as a dining room table, but also as a billiards table as well. I think this is a really cool and interesting idea, it is a great space saving design. This would be perfect if you lived in an apartment that did not have a great deal of room. So you could have a pool table along with your dining table, with no problem at all. A fun design. Link: http://www.fusiontables.com/


Rekndle Candle: I find this to be a truly beautiful piece. It is both so simple, yet so extravagant. The way this candle stick is designed is so that While the candle burns, the wax will flow and fall into the container below, where it is gathered. This excess wax that falls through creates a new candle as the other one on top burns away. Just a remarkable piece! Link: http://www.demilked.com/reusable-candle-holder-rekindle-benjamin-shine/

Vibrating ring alarm clock: This is a wonderful product. Originally designed for the deaf, these rings can be slipped onto the finger of the wearer. Then when the time is set for the ring, the ring then vibrates in order to wake the person from there slumber. This product is being utilized for more than just the deaf now though, some couples are wearings these so that they can wake up at different times, with out waking the other one up with a loud beeping alarm clock. Link: http://gadgetose.com/vibrating-ring-alarm-clock/



Clima Ladder: I just thought this was a creative take on the typical ladder design. The way it is designed allows for it to take up little to no space for storage, and is made from carbon fiber, making it extremely light and portable. A really interesting take on minimizing the ladder to all that it needs, only having the steps on varying sides to cut down on weight and materials. Link: http://cimaladder.com/cima_news.html





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