Creative Thinking Project 2 (re-design)

After building the first model and seeing how it worked and didn’t work I decided to take a break from the project and let my mind take a rest from the idea of how everything could work. I was lucky to do this now, because during this time, the laser cutter was broken for about a week. In this week break I decided to really switch up what I was doing, which was: work, work, work. Instead I actually took a break from most of my work and got outside, played games, did things that I truly enjoyed,like basketball and playing sports. This break allowed me the piece of mind to let my mind rest from the task at hand.

Coming back to the project I had a more open mind to the whole project and it let me see things in different light, and this allowed me to make changes that helped improve both the design of the piece and the functionality as well. I have changed the wiring of the piece, along with parts design. I went back and redesigned some pieces in order for them to fit together perfectly, which also causes everything to be more even and leveled. I have just gotten my pieces laser cut, and am in the process of building the second and potentially final model.



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