13th Set of Creative Designs

electric mop

Remote Controlled Mop: I think this is just an awesome out there product. I am still a kid at heart and love playing with toys, and RC cars were always a load of fun to play with! I think that this product would be great for both kids and adults alike. It would make cleaning fun, driving around the mop would be fantastic! Link: http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/electric-mop


stir a pot

Automotive Stirrer: I know that when I was younger, and even to this day when I’m helping my mom and dad out in the kitchen, there is a lot of constant stirring, and this can become quite tiresome(boring) work. So creating a simple device that you can easily attach to your pot that stirs the pot is just a wonderful concept. This is a unique a what I believe could be a very versatile product. Link: http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/stir-a-pot


Lighting-Up Broom

Luminescent Sweeper: I really like this idea, and think it would be a useful product. I have a dog back at home and a good deal of the time, we lose his toys underneath the couches or cabinets, and it is nearly impossible to see under there to check if the toy is under there. We have to get a broom and a flashlight, and it is just a huge pain to try and locate along with retrieving the toy. This product would be perfect for getting those dark hard to reach spots. Link: http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/lightingup-broom


Smart Chime Washing Machine

Tag Scanning washing machine: Being a college student who never really did laundry, I am finding out the hard way when it comes to washing my clothes. I have accidentally shrunk a few shirts and just totally wrecked others, because I don’t have them in the correct type of water or amount of time. This product could scan the tags and determine what type of clothes they are and how they can be washed, and then tells you which ones to wash together and how to do it. Something that I really need, so I don’t have to bother my mom every time I wash my clothes. Link: http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/smart-chime-washing-machine


Nixon Diamond

Black Diamond Wristwatch: I don’t know why I like this design as much as I do. I just think that it is a really cool interpretation on the wristwatch. When looking at watches they all have a general circle design for the face of the watch and are also a clear flat frame. His one really breaks out with being black, square and a pyramid(diamond shape on the front face. Sohttp://www.tuvie.com/nixon-diamond-watch-by-emir-rifat-isik/mething that to my knowledge has not been done before. Just an interesting design to me really. Link:


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