Salt and Pepper Shakers In-Class Project



In class we were asked to design a couple of salt and pepper shakers, and there was no limitation or constriction.


Above are my first 2 design, just working from nothing. The top idea were two cubes connected to one another. You would twist them to grind the ingredients, and then slid the shaft open to allow you to pour out the contents. Then the bottom design was merely two separate pieces that were circles that could slide to form one piece.



Then we were given 3 cards to choose from and create a design using this principle. My top design utilized the “slide” technique. So I had a form that slid open to reveal where the storage of the pepper was. Then my Second card was “rotate” so I designed a clear tube coating with an auger type mechanism that carries the ingredients to the top, in which you then pour into you food, bowl, etc.


Then working with a partner and combining cards we developed a “Solar Oven”. My partner and I decided to create something that would work like a steamer(that you would use for vegetables) by harnessing the power and heat of the sun with a magnifying glass that heats up water to a boiling temperature. We utilized, rotation, sliding drawers, and synthesizing the function to work as a whole.

I found this activity to be highly enjoyable and would love to get my hands on a deck of the cards that Seda produced!



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