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In class we were given both a Popsicle stick and mini clothespin and told to create as many things as we could. After sometime of working/playing alone, we were placed into groups where we worked together to create even more possible ways to utilize these to devices. The most fun we had was playing hockey with the parts we made (you can see the makeshift hockey stick in the op left corner) and used a dime as the puck.



We were given the task to create our own demographic to design for. My group decided to create “Susan Pearl” or who we referred to as “Lazy Susan”. She dropped out of actuary school in order to pursue a career of chimney sweeping in London. She is also a fashion expert.

electric mop

Remote Controlled Mop: I think this is just an awesome out there product. I am still a kid at heart and love playing with toys, and RC cars were always a load of fun to play with! I think that this product would be great for both kids and adults alike. It would make cleaning fun, driving around the mop would be fantastic! Link:


stir a pot

Automotive Stirrer: I know that when I was younger, and even to this day when I’m helping my mom and dad out in the kitchen, there is a lot of constant stirring, and this can become quite tiresome(boring) work. So creating a simple device that you can easily attach to your pot that stirs the pot is just a wonderful concept. This is a unique a what I believe could be a very versatile product. Link:


Lighting-Up Broom

Luminescent Sweeper: I really like this idea, and think it would be a useful product. I have a dog back at home and a good deal of the time, we lose his toys underneath the couches or cabinets, and it is nearly impossible to see under there to check if the toy is under there. We have to get a broom and a flashlight, and it is just a huge pain to try and locate along with retrieving the toy. This product would be perfect for getting those dark hard to reach spots. Link:


Smart Chime Washing Machine

Tag Scanning washing machine: Being a college student who never really did laundry, I am finding out the hard way when it comes to washing my clothes. I have accidentally shrunk a few shirts and just totally wrecked others, because I don’t have them in the correct type of water or amount of time. This product could scan the tags and determine what type of clothes they are and how they can be washed, and then tells you which ones to wash together and how to do it. Something that I really need, so I don’t have to bother my mom every time I wash my clothes. Link:


Nixon Diamond

Black Diamond Wristwatch: I don’t know why I like this design as much as I do. I just think that it is a really cool interpretation on the wristwatch. When looking at watches they all have a general circle design for the face of the watch and are also a clear flat frame. His one really breaks out with being black, square and a pyramid(diamond shape on the front face. So that to my knowledge has not been done before. Just an interesting design to me really. Link:

After building the first model and seeing how it worked and didn’t work I decided to take a break from the project and let my mind take a rest from the idea of how everything could work. I was lucky to do this now, because during this time, the laser cutter was broken for about a week. In this week break I decided to really switch up what I was doing, which was: work, work, work. Instead I actually took a break from most of my work and got outside, played games, did things that I truly enjoyed,like basketball and playing sports. This break allowed me the piece of mind to let my mind rest from the task at hand.

Coming back to the project I had a more open mind to the whole project and it let me see things in different light, and this allowed me to make changes that helped improve both the design of the piece and the functionality as well. I have changed the wiring of the piece, along with parts design. I went back and redesigned some pieces in order for them to fit together perfectly, which also causes everything to be more even and leveled. I have just gotten my pieces laser cut, and am in the process of building the second and potentially final model.



Quicksnap Ice Cube Tray: This is an interesting project to take on. The designer saw the problem of ice cube trays, which was that it was difficult to get a certain amount of cubes out. Originally you had to twist the entire carton to crack the cubes out, but you almost always ended up breaking out half the tray on accident. This allows you to simply pinch the lever and crack out precisely how many cubes you’d like. Link:

Fusion Table: These tables serve as a dining room table, but also as a billiards table as well. I think this is a really cool and interesting idea, it is a great space saving design. This would be perfect if you lived in an apartment that did not have a great deal of room. So you could have a pool table along with your dining table, with no problem at all. A fun design. Link:


Rekndle Candle: I find this to be a truly beautiful piece. It is both so simple, yet so extravagant. The way this candle stick is designed is so that While the candle burns, the wax will flow and fall into the container below, where it is gathered. This excess wax that falls through creates a new candle as the other one on top burns away. Just a remarkable piece! Link:

Vibrating ring alarm clock: This is a wonderful product. Originally designed for the deaf, these rings can be slipped onto the finger of the wearer. Then when the time is set for the ring, the ring then vibrates in order to wake the person from there slumber. This product is being utilized for more than just the deaf now though, some couples are wearings these so that they can wake up at different times, with out waking the other one up with a loud beeping alarm clock. Link:



Clima Ladder: I just thought this was a creative take on the typical ladder design. The way it is designed allows for it to take up little to no space for storage, and is made from carbon fiber, making it extremely light and portable. A really interesting take on minimizing the ladder to all that it needs, only having the steps on varying sides to cut down on weight and materials. Link:




So in the previous post, you can see the first model. The caulk in the fountains base has finally cured after a week, and I was able to test everything, from the base holding water, to the actual fountain working. I was both nervous and excited to do this. I was pleased with how this first model ended up looking, although there were a few hiccups along the road. I planned on using this for my final. But after running the fountain for the fist time, it was a successful product, but far from perfect, and there were things that I could do to fix it and make it run more efficiently. I reviewed some of our past lectures and while going through came across the PowerPoint that discussed “How to stay creative”. I was really struck by “Be Self-Motivated” part though, because I was really self-motivated for this project in the beginning, but after a long time and running into some obstacles, I got a little bogged down and was doing it to make sure it got done. But after realizing I didn’t want to do it to just get done, and rather truly solve the problem and create something that I was really proud of and this really got me excited about the project again. I utilized some of the creative thing methods we have been taught in class to come at the problem in a different way. In the video(s) you can see that the fog does not travel up like I had anticipated, and I thought there was going to be no way to fix this problem. I kept trying to come at the problem at different angles in order to discover a way to have the fog rise, I looked at narrowing the pillar piece, to shortening, etc. just a bunch of ways that would alter the design of the whole project thus far, and that was something I really did not want to do. Then it really hit me, looking at it in different angles, literally! I decided to see if I had the fogger raised, would the smoke stay in place or would it hopefully fall down the sides and encase the pillar? I ran some tests with great success, the fog would roll down the sides, and the entire inside pillar would fill up with smoke, much like I had imagined. I played around with some ideas of how to get the fogger itself up there with water, I initially thought of having a smaller pillar inside but decided that would not look that well aesthetically So went with a cradle design that attaches to the top of the pillar. I plan to re-laser cut and build the entire fountain. I want it to be exactly how I envisioned it, and I think this second time, I have worked out all the bugs and it will operate how I anticipated it.



IMG_1399 IMG_1400


Above are the pictures of the finished base of the fountain, I thought it would be a cool idea to have the cords go through the base, but it turned out to be one of the downfalls. These were the only places that leaked water. In the next ideation, I will not have this little cord escape, instead, I will be having the cord go up and around the acrylic in an interesting pattern.

IMG_1402 IMG_1403 IMG_1405

Here we have both the fogger and the pump inside the pillar, along with the water tube that goes all the way to the top of the pillar.




The Problem with the original fountain was that the holes in the three layers were not wide enough and in turn did not allow enough water to flow through. This build up of water caused it to in some areas overflow the layer. In an attempt to combat these problem, the walls of each base will be extended from half an inch to an inch, along with the hole widen slightly. I just used basic problem solving skills in order to fix the problems at hand. And as discussed earlier the fog was only taking up about five inches of the twenty-two inch fountain pillar. I came up with a floating cradle/swing concept towards the top of the pillar for the fogger that I hope fixes this problem

Clip on Cup Holder: I think this is a creative product, because now a days it seems like everyone is drinking a coffee or has some sort of beverage with them. So with this device you always have a little place to set it. This would be perfect for schools and dorms, it gives a little bit more much needed table space. Link:


Pacman Stapler: I am really into all the older generation’s stuff, from gaming to music, pretty much anything from the 80’s and 90’s. And Pacman was one of the break through video games of it’s time. So it is simple yet enticing design to create design a shell around a stapler to make it resemble a beloved cartoon/video game character. Link:


Light Up Door Handle: This is just a phenomenal idea. It is so simple and still so brilliant, I can’t believe these are not a more universal product. These would be perfect for so many situations. Imagine if your power goes out, there is no fumbling around in the dark, you have easy access to a flashlight right away.



Match Box Truck: Although this may be a bit more of a graphic design, compared to that of an actual product. But that being said, I still find this to be extremely cleaver design. The simplicity of taking the existing box and tweaking the image so slightly to give a wonderful advertisement design. I just think this is a cool and interesting way to advertise.  Link:



Wood Casting: I am absolutely in love with these pieces. I just think it is a beautiful way to combine both something organic(the wood) and inorganic(the metal). I just think that what is created with simply casting around the wood gives such a unique piece. That being said, each and everyone of these cast will be different, being that the wood used is different. I am so surprised that the wood does not blacken more from the heat of the metal. Just a really cool design. Link: